MEETING of MAZDAS 2023 – SUNDAY, August 20TH, 2023

Meeting of Mazdas 2023 is being held at Boyd Conservation Area in Vaughan Ontario located at 8739 Islington Ave, Woodbridge, ON L4L 1A6. The event will take place on the “Hillview” site. While there are many natural shade spots, attendees are welcome to bring additional shade shelters for their comfort.

The event itself is free to attend, however there is a fee to enter the park. Rates are as follows: $6.50 per adult, $5.50 Seniors 60+, Children 14 and under are free.

PLEASE NOTE: The Show & Shine portion of the event is only open to Mazda Vehicles. Participants must arrive and pick up their entry number card from the Registration Desk by 12:00pm in order to be included in the voting. You may be contacted via email if your registration is missing necessary information required to confirm your appropriate Show & Shine Category.

SHOW & SHINE CATEGORIES: Please see below for the planned list of the Show & Shine categories. Final category determination to be based on registration.

Please note that event staff with not entertain any request for additional categories and reserves the right to exclude competitors who display un-sportsperson like conduct or engage in harassment of other participants. If you have any questions or concerns, please see a member of the Event Management Team to discuss.



Mazda6 / MazdaSpeed6




CX / SUV / Truck

Other Mazda Models (Mazda2, MX3, Protege, Others)


Dedicated parking in the event lot will be limited to Mazda’s only. Non Mazda’s will be directed to the general public lot if they are not part of the event committee or volunteer team.

Pre Registration is now closed. You may still attend if you are not registered. You cam be registered at the event.